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Adventurous Storytelling AR App

Augmented Reality, Entertainment, Kids and Families, Technology

Adventurous Storytelling AR App


  • Project Management
  • Art Direction
  • User Research
    UX/UI Design
    Visual Design

The Adventurous augmented reality storytelling app took families on mixed reality adventures through their local neighborhoods. The app combines the magic of storytelling with the often overlooked charm of the real world, inspiring families to embark on quests, solve mysteries, and save the day, all together. Families can discover their local area while learning about it through quests, games, and interactive characters.

As the founder of Adventurous, I was responsible for creating captivating adventures and interactive gameplay that stimulated curiosity, encouraged exploration, and merged the digital experience with real-world interactions. I designed the gameplay, including the narrative, mechanics, user interactions, and the seamless flow between virtual and real-world experiences.

I also mapped real-world experiences to ensure that players could easily move from virtual adventures to tangible exploration. I established partnerships with local businesses to provide real-world experiences and rewards. I also hired and coordinated live actors to add a tangible layer to the adventure and enhance the sense of immersion.

To make sure I was connecting with our target audience of families, I actively participated in in-person product promotions, marketing initiatives, and game testing. We continually enhanced the app and real-world experiences based on user feedback and evolving dynamics.

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