Manage Your Space

Lead and coordinated 9 product teams to redesign Airbnb hosts' listing management tool on responsive web


With the recently launched redesigns to List Your Space and Manage Listing on mobile, Manage Listing on web was becoming dated with its own backlog of problems and there was decreasing parity between the three user flows.


This project was out of scope for the quarter, so design and engineering resources were limited

Multiple teams held stake in Manage Listing

Multiple versions of the same information lived across different parts of the product. We needed to prevent from adding to the inconsistencies

Existin IA Audit


Anecdotally, we’ve heard that hosts want to see what their listings will look like after making changes.
There aren’t clear indications of how changes may reflect on the listing.

Low Fidelity Explorations

Low Fidelity Prototype

High Fidelity Explorations

HI Fidelity Prototype


Because so many teams held stake in Manage Listing it was easy to convene the teams to redesign Manage Listing rather than continuing to design on an increasingly dated system.

I lead the team to define the overarching visual design language and interaction rules. Design and engineering responsibility was divided up by the pages owned by their respective teams.

We used as many existing and shared components where it made sense to speed up the design and engineering process while maintaining design cohesion.

Manage Your Space is now the listing management experience for hosts on Airbnb.

Final Designs