SpokeArt Gallery

Nnnm, Mmmn, Aaah

My Illustrations for SpokeArt’s NSFW art show. In my artwork I like to convey emotions expressed through the subject or style of illustration. Sometimes it’s a representation of strength or courage that I admire or sometimes it’s the serenity of a specific moment. What I wanted to share with my “Moan” series is something that is usually seen in privacy and intimately: the feeling of absolute pleasure, love for your body, and feeling like you can mesmerize anyone with your sexuality and sensuality. I wanted to share my love for sexiness, kinkiness, eroticism and the female form.

The show itself – to be able to see so many talented and creative women and their interpretation of sexuality was inspiring and empowering.

To further represent the orgasmic feeling of body empowerment, the pieces were finished with a film to give it a iridescent sparkle. You can find the pieces available at SpokeArt on their website.