Sketchpad Gallery


When I first found out the prompt of this show was leading ladies, I immediately knew that Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell would be one of the leading female characters – if not the only one – that I had to portray.

Motoko represents a leading female character that’s strong, cunning, and methodical. As an Asian American who grew up loving the franchise and disappointed with the casting decision for the Hollywood live-action film, it was all the more reason I needed to illustrate her.

I had quite a few ideas and concepts for compositions, but, being inspired by the movie’s opening shelling sequence and the story’s themes around the human consciousness

that is the ghost in her mechanical shell, I arrived at this concept.

The piece debuted at Time Beard’s Leading Ladies art show at Sketchpad Gallery in San Francisco. 24×18″ art archival prints are available via Sketchpad’s website.