The Galallery

Moon Prism Power

The amazing Amy Wibowo and I held our first gallery show, Moon Prism Power, a Sailor Moon art show featuring female and non binary artists.

The show itself took 6 months of curating, planning, and prep. We had about 40 artists and around 60 pieces of artwork on exhibition at the Galallery. The gallery was split into two sections. One, a darker themed area, meant to represent “Fighting Evil by Moonlight” and the other a lighter, pastelly room, decorated like Usagi’s bedroom, representing “Winning Love by Daylight” Opening night was packed and filled with cosplay and love of Sailor Moon. We even had cocktails by the incredible Mint and Mirth, each themed to an Inner Senshi’s attack. Themed and decorated cookies of Luna, Artemis, and Usagi’s transformation Brooch were provided by MyCookieSF. The show itself was a lot of work but an incredible success!