Poster Spy


I quite like Sam Esmail’s style and aesthetic and have been keeping up with Mr. Robot through its latest season. I wanted to represent Elliot’s character, social disorder and disparaging personalities through glitch motifs. As I worked on this piece, I did quite a bit of research as to the different types of glitches and digital aberrations. I’m also a big fan of Sam Esmail’s style of sneaking in easter eggs and motifs that hinted at a larger story or trope of the unreliable narrator. Both aspects informed the types of glitch and what to represent at glitches. For those that watch the show, but don’t already know, Sam Esmail has created an alternate reality game from easter eggs in the show. I’m a personal lover of hidden messages, ciphers, puzzles, and treasure hunts, and hid a few easter eggs of my own in this print. I may have even built a website dedicated to it ;P. See if you can find them all.